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One of the major problems businesses face, especially small businesses and start-ups, is finance. One end is the business entrepreneur, who is in dire need of finance, and the other end are investors, who would not like to take any risk in throwing their money in a ground that is not fertile. When a high risk of loss is perceived on the side of the investors, the value in returns, which will be requested by investor, will also be high and vice versa. Because of that, an environment is created in a way that it features both desperate business entrepreneurs and very careful investors. Without a balanced interplay between these two business forces in this environment, the business community is not going to thrive.

VestDeck – The Perfect Solution

VestDeck is an upcoming investor communications platform, which seeks to aid the growth of businesses. This can be achieved due to helping them gain follow-on funding by keeping potential investors informed, involved and inclined. VestDeck platform will set the perfect business environment by creating poise between the risk heaved at the investors and reward entitled to the businesses, thereby increasing the possibilities of success and creating a perfect symbiotic relationship.

During our cooperation with VestDeck company we have conducted a full cycle of business analyzes on these aspects:

  • Description of the requirements.
  • Creation of user story and use cases.
  • Visualization of how the platform will look like and operate.

To get to know more about VestDeck you can have a look at the video, where our Head of BA Department, Khrystyna Godlevska, describes the issues concerning the platform.

Moreover, VestDeck will take its synopsis from the premise that growth businesses and companies will need to go through various stages of investment, and for each new phase an increased value should be added in order to prevent potential dilution for the pioneering investors.

Why VestDeck – Benefits for Growth Companies and Businesses

After getting an insight about VestDeck platform, the next question popping up in your mind must be “How will it help my company and how is it different from other investor platforms?”

VestDeck will offer a host of benefits to both business entrepreneurs and investors:

  • Achieve valuations that minimize dilution for existing shareholders: By placing an increased value on each new round of investment, VestDeck will reduce the dilution risk for early investors to a bare minimum.
  • Attract investors that would normally only stick to the later stages of investment opportunities: By reducing the dilution factor of early investors, VestDeck will attract more investors who would normally go for the “later-stage” investment opportunities.
  • Create an efficient funding process: By creating a balance between the risks and rewards of growing businesses and investors, VestDeck will create an efficient funding process.
  • Harness the power of investors to drive growth: This is a plus for growth businesses. VestDeck will ensure the growth of businesses through investors as an incentive.
  • Improve the accountability of the board of directors: In a bid to stimulate investment by investors, VestDeck will improve the accountability of the board of directors of the business firm.
  • Engage with other shareholders and influence decisions: VestDeck will offer investors a good networking environment, thus allowing for engagement with other shareholders.
  • Get regular updates: VestDeck will give regular notifications to both businesses and investors on trending updates.
  • Collaborate with other firms: VestDeck will also give the opportunity to collaborate with other businesses.
  • An opportunity to become a VestDeck shareholder for work derived through the platform: VestDeck will give professional service providers the opportunity to become shareholders for work obtained via the platform.
  • Create a perfect business environment: By setting a perfect link between investors or shareholders, VestDeck will create a perfect business environment. The VestDeck platform will make it easy for growing businesses to get funds, aid investors in finding good opportunities, including keeping up with progress and managing, and help professionals increase their likelihood of finding growth companies that need their services.
  • Share buy-back: A big obstacle to crowdfunding is that it is not easy to trade shares on an exchange. Thus, it can take a good number of years for investors to have an opportunity to leave without a return. VestDeck has noticed this challenge and seeks to create an adequate cash-flow in order to provide investors the opportunity to have a share buy-back option at a premium, which is expected to span for three years.
  • Trade sale: VestDeck will give other companies the freedom to extend their services by using the platform.

All above mentioned things provide a road to a successfully growing business.

You Can Be a Founding Partner

Since VestDeck is yet to kick-start fully, there is a glorious opportunity of being among the founding partners.

Professional Services Firms that get the “Founding Partner” badge have the following privileges:

  • Automatic shareholder in VestDeck Company.
  • Receive allocations for placement of content banners and links.
  • Commission rates will be given at a discounted price for work done via VestDeck platform.
  • New opportunities as these professionals will be seen by both old and potential clients as innovative, thus making them distinct from their competitors.

However, due to the fact that VestDeck is a British platform, it is vital to have a look at whether or not Brexit will affect its operation.

Will Brexit Influence VestDeck?

Well, of course will, and this has encouraged VestDesk to make some pragmatic approaches:

  • Launch in other areas apart from the United Kingdom: Though VestDesk will launch initially in the United Kingdom, it also plans to operate in other regions. This shows VestDeck’s desire for crowdfunding in not just the UK, but in other parts of the world as well.
  • Relating to products with strong local markets: VestDeck will also relate to products with strong local markets. This will have a positive effect on growth businesses, because the drop in the UK currency following Brexit will make sourcing in the UK more competitive due to the high rate of imports.
  • Relating to projects with a global stage: VestDeck will relate to crowdfunding projects with a global presence, which will keep it unmoved by Brexit.
  • Adoption of web-based e-commerce: The adoption of web-based e-commerce will make VestDeck ideal for test running web-based allocations and thus encouraging worldwide investors.
  • Increase in value with decrease in UK currency: Since the British currency will drop after its exit from the European Union the investors from other regions outside the UK will be willing to invest more in businesses within the UK, especially when in comparison with United States valuations. A perfect example is a current rise in activities of mergers and acquisitions as evidenced by Japan’s SoftBank purchase of Arm Holdings, which is now present in every smartphone.

Thus, even if Brexit happens, it will not have any negative effect on the growth of the VestDeck platform.


In 2021 VestDeck in partnership with Technorely is planning to fully launch its platform in the United Kingdom as well as in other countries, and thus to create a leading market environment for growth businesses: an environment that will create a perfect interplay between business entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals rendering services.

If you would like to be among the first witnesses of something big in the business world, start participating right now!

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