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Kharkiv, Ukraine

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About company

Technorely is fast-paced Canadian-Ukrainian IT company with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada and R&D centers in Kyiv and Kharkiv, Ukraine. We are the pioneers to develop blockchain-based software in Ukraine. Our main areas of expertise, are Fintech, Healthcare, Blockchain, and Industrial software development.

We are committed and dedicated to our work in creating software solutions that bring the maximum possible value to our clients’ businesses. Our values are mounted in building relationships and making it possible for our clients’ to succeed. As a customer-centric partner, we seek to find the most efficient ways to betterment the products and services of our customers and make the world a better place.

Our mission is to understand where the world is going and what is our role in helping our clients to develop and support their custom software solutions and increase business efficiency.

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We are looking for a Product owner/manager to join our team.


  •  5+ years experience in a Product role;
  •  You’re technical. Maybe you’ve worked as a dev before, and you understand what an API is and how one endpoint can be used in multiple different products;
  • You’re commercially aware. You understand that software isn’t free to build and maintain, and you can justify your decisions by displaying an understanding of how it will potentially impact the bottom line;
  • You’re allergic to bad UX. You won’t need to be able to create a perfect high fidelity design, but you can quickly whip up a prototype to communicate a user workflow, and you can spot UX issues in existing products and have opinions on how to fix them;
  •  You’re familiar with multiple software development methodologies;
  • You’ve used multiple before and learned lessons with each of them;
  •  You’re comfortable talking to internal stakeholders as well as clients, and can manage their expectations with ease;
  • You’ve ideally got one or two side projects that keep your curiosity and creativity on fire.

We Offer

  • Professional and career growth;
  • Best team;
  • Flexible working time.

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