Senior DBA Architect

Kyiv/Kharkiv, Ukraine

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About company

Technorely is fast-paced Canadian-Ukrainian IT company with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada and R&D centers in Kyiv and Kharkiv, Ukraine. We are the pioneers to develop blockchain-based software in Ukraine. Our main areas of expertise, are Fintech, Healthcare, Blockchain, and Industrial software development.

We are committed and dedicated to our work in creating software solutions that bring the maximum possible value to our clients’ businesses. Our values are mounted in building relationships and making it possible for our clients’ to succeed. As a customer-centric partner, we seek to find the most efficient ways to betterment the products and services of our customers and make the world a better place.

Our mission is to understand where the world is going and what is our role in helping our clients to develop and support their custom software solutions and increase business efficiency.

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We are looking for a Senior DBA Architect to join our team.

About the project

This project is a comprehensive information resource for the entire enterprise in Oil & Gas industry through a state-of-the-art SaaS platform built on industry-leading data and energy analytics. This platform delivers value across the upstream and downstream supply chain empowering exploration and production (E&P), oilfield services, midstream, and financial services companies to be more proactive, efficient, and competitive.


  • DBA support for all PostgreSQL non-production, production, and disaster recovery environments, including new database server installation and configurations, minor/major upgrades, system tests, and implementations.
  • Database deployments on Linux, Windows, and Cloud platforms.
  • Support for designing, testing, implementing and supporting PostgreSQL database system backups using an enterprise-class backup solutions, including backup validation through database restoration testing. Includes implementing logical and physical backup and recovery, and full or point-in-time recovery from hot, cold, or snapshots.
  • DBA support for PostgreSQL database monitoring and performance tuning to ensure new and upgraded systems/databases run at optimal levels. Includes performing resource contention analysis and system tuning as part of remediation or proactive monitoring.
  • DBA support to assist application teams for databases running in PostgreSQL for performance tuning to ensure new, upgraded, or migrated systems/databases run at optimal levels.
  • Perform migrations from non-PostgreSQL platforms such as Oracle and MS SQL Server to PostgreSQL.
  • Perform migrations/refreshes between non-production and production environments.
    Develop and document database policies, procedures, and standards for PostgreSQL databases.
  • Automate existing PostgreSQL database installation, configuration, and management standards and procedures based on industry best practices.
  • Establish and maintain access controls and security for non-production and production PostgreSQL database environments (including CIS benchmarks).
  • Proactively maintain database systems at the latest security patch levels.
  • Perform/Automate routine database maintenance tasks, such as, vacuum, re-indexing, and archiving.
  • Develop automation procedures and provide proactive intervention to minimize downtime.
    Implement database connection pooling and load balancing for large multi-user environments.
  • Assist our operations team in PostgreSQL database installations, including troubleshooting, problem resolution, and on-call after hours and weekend support if needed.
  • Develop and document PostgreSQL database disaster recovery solutions, including configuring and implementing high availability (HA).
  • Perform replication, including log-based and streaming replication, as well as, failover/failback manually or automated/managed.
  • Monitor and automate capacity planning for all PostgreSQL database installations.
  • Provide support to our DBA operations team and our application teams.


  • 4+ years of experience working with PostgreSQL version 9+ hosted on Linux or Windows platforms.
  • Two+ years of experience as a PostgreSQL database administrator designing and deploying PostgreSQL databases on Cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure.
  • 3-4+ years of experience as a senior PostgreSQL database administrator.
  • 3-4+ years of experience using programming languages such as: UNIX shell scripting, PL/pgSQL, Python, or Perl.
  • Experience using instrumentation tools such as: pgAdmin, pgAudit, pgBadger, Nagios, OpenNMS, or vScout.
  • Experience using Ansible playbooks or YAML.
  • 3-4+ years of experience performing database performance analysis, system and statement SQL tuning.
  • 3-4+ years of experience as a senior database administrator supporting major configurations of highly available environments.
  • 3-4+ years of experience architecting and implementing PostgreSQL replication solutions using streaming replication including pgPool.
  • Strong SQL and PL/pgSQL experience in a Postgres environment
  • 3-4+ years of experience migrating non- PostgreSQL databases to PostgreSQL, such as MS SQL Server, or Oracle.
  • Knowledge of devOps/Infra as Code practices and tools like Git, Bitbucket, Bamboo.
  • Knowledge of using puppet for Configuration Management to maintain PostgreSQL environments.
  • Knowledge of working with Agile methodology and tools like Confluence/JIRA.
  • 3-4+ years of experience working with MSSQL or Oracle is a plus.
  • Communication skills necessary to work on a geographically distributed team.
  • Skills / Other Personal Attributes Required:
    Motivated self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Strong communicator (written and verbal) and listener
  • Possesses diplomacy and the cooperative style necessary to interface effectively with all personalities and across functional disciplines
  • Proven ability to effectively sell ideas and build consensus at all levels within the organization
  • Strong analytical skills with ability to define, collect, analyze data, establish facts, draw valid conclusions, and make fact-based decisions
  • Handling multiple tasks and balancing multiple objectives, while consistently ensuring that highest priority commitments are delivered on schedule

We Offer

  • Professional and career growth;
  • Best team;
  • Compatible and stable salaries;
  • Flexible working time.

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