The comprehensive White-Labeled Telemedicine Software

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Project description

CareClix™ is a comprehensive telehealth Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that combines Online Medical Suite with clinical patient data and diagnostic medical workflow enabling patients and doctors to perform online consultations similar to face to face consultations. Through a secure HIPAA-compliant platform, patients can access their providers anytime, anywhere, from anyplace. CareClix enables remote consultations between patients and physicians in a seamless and secure environment and provides sharing and collaboration of clinical data between all parties involved. This revolutionary technology enables doctors to see patients in their clinical settings virtually as well as at home via a variety remote health monitoring devices. CareClix is transforming healthcare and has become one of the most powerful online tools supporting medical collaboration worldwide.







Client goal

Careclix wanted to revolutionize the way hospitals and clinical care settings operate by increasing the number of patients that interact with doctors and caregivers using a developed suite of telemedicine technologies and services


Business Challenge

The client originally had complete telemedicine web and mobile (iOS and Android) applications but struggled with poor performance and usability of the applications.


Business Solution

Our dedicated team thoroughly analyzed and tested Web and Mobile (iOS, Android) applications of the client and managed to drastically increase their performance and stability. The UI/UX was redesigned to make it more user friendly.



Value delivered

The delivered apps have these functionality:

Online scheduling. Patients can view and schedule your available appointments.
EMR integration. Integrate patient`s histories & records with EMR`s to make seamless remote visits.
Video consultations. Helping clients connect with doctors via video based tool.
Secure messaging.
HIPAA compliant. All information shared and stored with Careclix is fully encrypted as per HIPAA requirements.
Store and forward. Securely store & share medical data.
Integrated billing. Allowing doctors to charge and collect payment from customers after a remote visit.

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The comprehensive White-Labeled Telemedicine Software

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