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Project description

Drillinginfo is a comprehensive information resource for the entire enterprise in Oil & Gas industry through a state-of-the-art SaaS platform built on industry-leading data and energy analytics. This platform delivers value across the upstream and downstream supply chain empowering exploration and production (E&P), oilfield services, midstream, and financial services companies to be more proactive, efficient, and competitive. The platform includes these features:
- Major Oil Company Geology and Geophysics
- Large Independent Petroleum Engineering
- Consulting
- Independent Exploration and Production Company Senior Management and Ownership
- Service Company Senior Management and Ownership
- Mineral Ownership and Management
- Major Accounting and Consulting Firm
- Major Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
- Web Development and Management




Oil & Gas



Client goal

The client wanted to create comprehensive informational resource system that offers a suite of products and services that provide the predictive tools and technology needed to drive exploration decisions, evaluate rapidly evolving opportunities, and achieve better, faster results.


Business challenge

The client needed a team extension that can develop the backend for SaaS-based data and analytics technology for oil and gas industries.


Business solution

We provided the client with a dedicated team of highly qualified developers that managed to optimize the server-side of the DrillingInfo Informational resource system and accelerate the speed and stability of the backend part of the system as well as the reporting tools.



Value delivered

Due to the efforts of Technorely dedicated team, DrillingInfo Informational resource system become more stable and the and the speed of information processing has increased significantly.

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SaaS platform

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