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Project description

Fitplan is the dynamic mobile app with interactive training programs from over 25 of the world’s top trainers and fitness influencers. It has partnered with the ever-growing team of world-class fitness icons, athletes, and professional trainers and creates a way for them to share their exact workout methods. With HD video tutorials, custom trainer tips for each exercise, nutrition guides and a global community of over 100,000 people worldwide, they create exclusive training programs & meal plans that you can access through Fitplan and user can get the unique experience of training alongside their ideal physique of choice.







Client goal

The client initial had two application for iOS and Android but these apps suffered from constant crashes, had a decent amount of bugs, poor overall stability and scaling was not optimized. Moreover, apps` core features like video player and analytics weren’t working or even were missing.


Business Challenge

The client wanted to find the dedicated team to create mobile apps Android with a needed logic in code that could fulfill his idea to create a service that connects world’s best personal trainers and every user at the fingertips – anytime, anywhere.


Business Solution

After conducting a thorough analysis of the initial client`s apps our team managed to fix most of the bugs, drastically improve app`s stability and made the application more flexible to changes so currently, developers can easily implement new features. Moreover, based on client’s need we implemented new app`s features:

– Made a new video player.

– The developed new system for analytics that can support several providers (Firebase, Fabric, Facebook Analytics, etc.,)

– Developed and implemented Community Feed.

– Brake timer.

– Caching videos to watch them without an Internet connection.

– Integrated referral system.



Value delivered

The new app is 98% free of bugs and has better performance. And, with the new features, it can help people to realize their active goals and make their fitness ambitions accessible.

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Best Fitness Workout and Personal Trainer App

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