The world’s first company to build 100% legal companies on Ethereum Blockchain

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Project description

Korporatio is the first company in the world to enable fully legal companies through Blockchain Technology on Ethereum. These are Smart Companies. Compared to traditional business forms, a Smart Company is a hybrid of real-world International Business Company (IBC) and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), combining the benefits from both worlds: it is legally compliant yet provides significant competitive advantages in the management structures of a company and an ecosystem of digital networks. Korporatio`s Smart Company registers the client`s data on the Blockchain as a unique Ethereum ERC-20 Token modified for security laws. These tokens carry information unique to the client`s company and track the history of their movements, resulting in a reliable, verifiable and highly efficient model of managing client`s company.




Fintech & Blockchain




Client goal

The client wanted to create a system that would connect the Blockchain technology with the currently existing business and jurisdictions and implement the centralized model for decentralized technology to be able to decrease the time of response within the company or jurisdictions.


Business challenge

The client had a basic version of the current system, which could not be further scaling and was hard to update and maintain due to poorly written architecture. He needed high-quality specialists who could create a new architecture of the system with similar logic and the ability to scale and update easily.


Business solution

Our specialists analyzed the old client system and developed a new architecture, which includes the possibility of scaling and implementing new features. Also, our team created a new, more convenient, user interface, and developed many opportunities to integrate the client`s system with other systems.



Value delivered

With the help of Technorely team, the Korporatio system is now fully working business software that help businesses to decrease the time to send requests and sign documents to client`s incorporation agent. It helps to manage company governance paperless via your dedicated dashboard associated to Smart Company and, moreover, can be easily integrated with the current client ERP system.

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The world’s first company to build 100% legal companies on Ethereum Blockchain

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