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Project description

Lumeos is a decentralized data sharing platform where the access to and the privacy of the user data are fully controlled by the user. Lumeos is built on the EOS blockchain allowing custom permissions. Social data is encrypted using a user-generated private key, sits in the user account on the blockchain, and can be shared with multiple users free or in exchange for Lumeos utility tokens (LUME).




EOS, Blockchain, Data


June 2018


Client goal

Lumeos is building the audience step-by-step, starting from blockchain connections to college students and expanding to the general audience. With guaranteed data privacy and security and high performance of the EOS architecture, Lumeos will bring benefits to both users and businesses.

The users, i.e. the actual data owners will take control over their data usage and will be able to monetize their data.  With EOS architecture-powered quick performance and security ensured by the blockchain technology, Lumeos promises to provide the world’s premier social data hub.

Lumeos will store various user data and securely provide it to third-party applications (online shops, restaurants, payment systems, etc) at the convenience and with the permission of each user. Lumeos plans to reach over 10,000,000 users in 2020.


Business challenge

The client needed to extend their development capabilities to build new solutions as well as modernize and support the existing media products.


Business solution

Our team implemented a SaaS marketing automation platform with a user-friendly interface and an array of advanced features for customer engagement across inbound and outbound marketing channels.

The solution, selected among possible automation alternatives, is based on Camunda engine. It was considered the best option to build a customized automation solution on, because this engine matched customer’s requirements in many important aspects. This open-source tool adheres to the concept of BPM as a tool and allows to design, implement, run, and analyze processes



Value delivered

We provided end-to-end software development from design to testing and support of Schibsted solutions. Our team established effective communication with the client and did detailed planning of every project stage. As a result of our work:

Cost of ownership of IT platforms was reduced.
Sales increased by roughly 47%.over the year.
Time-to-market metric of new IT products releases was decreased.

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#1 Social Survey platform on a blockchain

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