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Project description

Skyglyph is a company specializing in the development of cloud-based software (Skyglyph) and industrial surveillance solutions that transform drones into concise instruments to deploy in a wide range of business use cases, mainly in insurance companies. When an insurance event occurs, the farmer turns to the insurance company to compensate for the damage.

The insurance company sends an employee with a drone to assess the damage to the field. The drone is controlled by the Skyglyph app - AeroScouter. After the drone has flown around the field and taken photos, they are uploaded to the WEB - server, where all the photos are glued together to get the overall picture of the field. This map is used by further employees to study the field in detail and make the decision on the damage







Client goal

Skyglyph`s goal was to create the custom software solution for insurance companies facilitating the crop insurance and claim estimation processes. Once the crop insurance event occurs, the insurance company

needs to assess the claimed damage to the field. If done manually, such assessment can be very time- and cost-consuming


Business challenge

Skyglyph needed a solution to help the insurance companies employ drones for easy and efficient assessment process, even without the internet connection. The requested features: performing the scouting process, management of flight control, asset mapping, site monitoring, data transfer, and visual result interpretation


Business solution

In accordance with the logic of the claim assessment process, we worked on 3 separate apps.
– Skyglyph aero scouter
– Skyglyph ground scouter.
– Skyglyph report viewer
– Skyglyph web


Description of the delivered solution

Skyglyph aero scouter

A simple app for automated performing the "Aerial" Skyglyph missions with DJI drones. It allows the user to set the mission and check borders, control the flight parameters, and upload the photos after landing


Skyglyph ground scouter

The app helps to perform the "Ground" missions: draw the border and set all the missions grouped by status. Collected photos and draw shapes are synchronized with skyglyph.com automatically


Skyglyph report viewer

The app for viewing the uploaded data from the drone and other relative information both online and offline. The claim audit using drones includes several stages. First, drone, controlled by Skyplyph - AeroScouter, makes the photos that will be uploaded to the server to compose the general image of the field. If some areas need to be checked in detail by the human auditor, the data received from the drone alongside with maps and other necessary information can be uploaded to Skyglyph - Report Viewer. This app is available offline and will provide primary data to the auditor in the areas with limited or no Internet connection


Skyglyph WEB

The drone uploads taken photos to the WEB server, where all the photos are merged together to get the full picture of the field. Further, this map is used by the employees to study the field in detail and make the decision on the damage



Value delivered

The Skyglyph showed good result at delivering value to their clients

Up to 10 times decrease to process a claim for insurance event
Up to 5% surveying and assessment cost reduction
15-30% decrease in loss of the insurance payouts
10% reduction in fraudulent claim payouts




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