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Project description

Smartlands is a worldwide Platform for tokenization of real economy assets by issuing security tokens (ST). It facilitates companies and investors to create a new class of low-risk tokens, secured by real, profitable assets in the main sectors of the real economy like commercial real estate, industrial and manufacturing properties, residential real estate, agriculture and "green growth", logistics, etc.







Client goal Smartlands

Client goal

Smartlands founders had an idea to create a platform, that is built on the Stellar network and employs advanced blockchain technology with fast, cheap secure transactions and extended capabilities that connects real economy and blockchain to create new exciting opportunities for companies and investors.


Business challenge

When the client came to us, he had only the idea of a digital assets platform that should include main features like:

  • Fully Compliant Securities Trading Platform
  • A marketplace where users can issue tokens and trade them
  • Payment Gateway
  • Dividends Distribution
  • personal client interface with a possibility to manage cryptocurrencies, control the balance and make payments

Thus, the client needed an experienced development team to do the project on a very tight schedule.


Business solution

Technorely created a dedicated team based on the client needs and preferences and was able to handle the whole project up to beta in only 2 months. Within this period our specialist created the platform that provides the tokenization of agricultural, real estate, manufacturing and other real economy assets allowing the user to create new class asset-backed tokens (ABT).

As was intended by the client, the platform is built on Stellar network and employs advanced blockchain technology and therefore, created product establishes an appropriate infrastructure and framework for token offerings, securing benefits for all parties involved:

  • low-risk investments for the investors
  • additional capitalization for the actual businesses by issuing blockchain tokens
  • safe trading on the low-cost built-in decentralized exchange for the traders


Value delivered

The released beta version drew the attention of the blockchain community. Smartlands proved to be a crucial element of the token market infrastructure. The platform creates significant value for the crypto community and overall positive impact on the world economy.

the token price increased by 269% within the 3 month of operations
the capitalization grew up to 274% in less than 3 months

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The worldwide security token investment platform

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