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Project description

Sniffle developed telemedicine ecosystem that connects patients directly to physicians and physicians to other physicians and hospitals through its secure, HIPAA compliant mobile telemedicine app, making healthcare more convenient, accessible, and continuous. Using this HIPAA compliant Sniffle app, physicians and patients can connect and interact in real time either face-to-face via video and/or cellular call, all through the push of the button on their mobile phone without membership, software, nor subscriptions fees.







phone sniffle

Client goal

Sniffle Health wanted to create a free mobile app designed by physicians to treat most common non-emergency health issues without bringing the patient into the office.


Business challenge

Sniffle Health company had an idea of creating an innovative telemedicine ecosystem that consists of 2 apps for iOS and Android (Client and Doctor) and connects patients directly to physicians and physicians to other physicians and hospitals. As the client had only the idea, they were looking for a team that can implement this idea.


Business solution

Our dedicated team has thoroughly analyzed the needs and tasks of the client and based on them developed an architecture for telemedicine ecosystem. Also, the team integrated Sniffle with Zoom, which allowed video conferencing between patients and physicians and physicians with other physicians and hospitals.


Apps description

Sniffle for Physicians:

As Sniffle is the mobile application, it allows physicians to see more of patients without compromising the quality of care and get paid immediately, because it has a functionality to set prices for service by a physician. Inside the app, physicians can get a personal webpage and free marketing tools to boost it. To make the connection between patient and physician even easier the following functionality was developed: - Simplify patient intake. A physician will receive the patient’s medical history, chief complaint with symptoms, HIPAA release, informed consent, and eligibility check prior to the visit. - Easy to follow clinical workflows. The document notes and records the diagnose on our app during the live call with our dynamic charting features. - Electronically prescribe treatments. Easily electronically prescribe medications for your patients when it’s necessary - Reduce billing hassles. Sniffle collects and deposits the cash price or co-pay directly into your account. We’ll also recommend billing codes to streamline reimbursement.

Sniffle for Physicians

Sniffle for patients:

Sniffle app allows users to find a selected physician, and schedule an appointment. The doctor will contact the user at the scheduled time. Unlike a traditional in-office visit, a user doesn’t need to physically visit your doctor’s office. Instead, his or her consultation will be conducted over your mobile phone or tablet, using secure video conferencing and messaging.

Sniffle for patients


Value delivered

Free Sniffle app allows physicians the ability to effectively diagnose non-emergency symptoms and to electronically prescribe medications, when appropriate, without the patient ever having leave their home or office.





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Physician focused telemedicine platform

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