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WEB development in 2021

We’ve said goodbye to the spring and with the beginning of summer plunged right into the educational process Onfire!

Nikolai Borodin shared his research on WEB development in 2021:
– Current topics and issues in IT industry;
– What languages are still trending and why;
– Usability of common frameworks and tools and how to find balance there.
We thank Nikolai for tons of interesting and up-to-date information!

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Our team held another OnFire online!

Lasr week our team held another OnFire. This time, the topic of our conversation was Blockchain platforms with an investment opportunity.

We discussed:

  1. Investments and Blockchain;
  2. Components of acquiring platforms;
  3. The principle of operation of Blockchain platforms from the inside;
  4. Legal and security aspects of investment platforms.

We thank Pavel Nikitin for sharing his knowledge with us!

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We have a great tradition of beating the gong every time we make a deal. And just recently a gong sounded!
What does it mean? It means that a joyful event has happened and we congratulate everyone on this!!!
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