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We love what we do and appreciate those who do!

Our main goal in relation to the people is to help maximize their potential, which will contribute to their personal and professional development.
We strive to become a team in which each participant creates effective energy in the process and directs it in the right way. We want to become a company where you want to come every day and contribute to the common cause.

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A Wonderful Event

Spring has come. It is a beautiful and bright time, when we celebrate awakening from “winter hibernation” and rejoice in the beauty around us.
On the 8th of March a beauty masterclass was organized in our office. Girls found out about the 2020 trends in makeup, plus they got some useful tips and life hacks on how to always look immaculate.
The makeup artist showed how to apply day makeup on our beautiful Business Analysis Specialist Mariana. And, of course, our dear men prepared gifts and amazing flowers in flasks for our ladies.

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Happy Birthday, Technorely!


We are 2 years old now! How did our story begin?

Technorely’s ‘parents’ Dmitry, Inna and George had been working in IT industry for quite a long time and gained enough experience to open their own company. The main idea of their start-up was to make a customer-centric business and to grow highly qualified specialists in IT sphere. And on January 22d 2018 their goal was achieved and Technorely was founded. After 2 years of hard work our goal is still the same – to make clients satisfied with the services we provide. Also the company cares about the team members and their career achievements.

The January 22d is a special day in our company and we want our stuff to feel comfortable at work, that is why we held a Pajama Party on Technorely’s Birthday. Everyone wore fluffy PJ’s, robes and funny sleepers. The morning started with hot cocoa topped with marshmallows. In the evening there was a big cake. We played different board games, ping pong and, of course, twister.

We can’t wait to see what the new year will bring to us!

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