Hallowe’en at Technorely


Spending time together during public events has become our tradition. By doing this we are spreading the message that we are always open to the world and ready to build long-lasting connections.

Over the last years Hallowe’en has become a popular event worldwide, so on October 31 we organized a Hallowe’en party at Technorely office. Chilling costumes, sweet cakes with other refreshments, natural pumpkins styled for Hallowe’en, and even frightening photozones – all the festive attributes were present.

In order to cheer up our team and supply everyone with fun we created a wide number of games and competitions, and the end of the celebration was marked by a visit to the quest room. Not only do we find such activities exciting, but we also consider them to be a great way to improve our team building as well as help our colleagues communicate with each other apart from working process, because team cooperation and understanding people’s values, needs and wants is one of our core principles.

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