Our Third Anniversary!

Today we are celebrating our third anniversary! 2020 will be remembered for many different events. We are grateful to it for a new unique experience, unforgettable occasions and interesting projects.
Let’s remember what it was like:
– 3 projects became our partners;
– we have successfully implemented feature driven delivery on all projects;
– read another lecture at the university;
– mastered work from home;
– we warmly celebrated the wonderful spring holiday on March 8;
– conducted 2 Onfires online;
– successfully completed 6 internships;
– our team has designed, developed and successfully launched our own internal platform;
– shared a video about our corporate values;
– had a great rest during the summer corporate party;
– introduced a new tradition with a gong;
– filmed 6 feedbacks from our team members;
– held a New Year’s online corporate party.
And another 20+ projects are expected to start in 2021. This is great! We are grateful to everyone for being with us and believing in us!

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