Technorely at Table Tennis IT Cup 2019

We have a tradition to spend time together on different events. It helps us keep the friendly atmosphere in the team and to stay open-minded to each other.
Recently we participated in Table Tennis IT Cup. This competition was founded in 2011 and there have already been 8 games. For many years the teams from different IT companies have been taking part in the Cup. There were 32 teams. It was a debut for the Technorely team in Table Tennis IT Cup. Nevertheless, our team members kept their positivity and strong team spirit, and as a result they managed to cheer up all the teams and supply everyone with good mood. Our guys were among 100 best players! The end of the game was marked with many awards for participants and a delicious cake. Afterwards our colleagues were left enthusiastic and with priceless memories.

We held the second OnFire meeting!

Earlier we talked about our first OnFire in an online format. We decided to continue this practice and we held the second OnFire meeting in remote format.

This time the topic of our meeting was Quality Assurance (QA), where our QA Engineer & Scrum Master Daryna Abalmasova shared her skills and ideas with us. This topic was interesting not only for beginners and already confident QAs, but also for all those who want to develop in this direction.

The presentation “How to Start Seeing Bugs Again” helped our team take a new look at focusing on the right things in testing. The speaker shared real cases and answered the participants’ questions. We were also given lifehacks from personal experience and tips on how to avoid mistakes when searching for different errors.

Now everyone who wants to develop has a better understanding of QA, which has increased the overall expertise of the team. Wait for new stories about our training and read the previous news!

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Presentation during quarantine? No problem – we made OnFire online!

We have incredible news. It was our first OnFire in remote format via Zoom. OnFire is the performance of our specialists to share and develop skills and knowledge with each other. We had presentations on interesting topics earlier offline, but online is the new normal. 

Mykhailo Hrois was the speaker. He is a developer of software for android, he has been working with production projects for 2 years and more than 3 years with using systems of version control including Git. GitFlow was the main topic in particular. Mykhailo has a great experience in using different methods during work with systems of version control and made a presentation about how GitFlow works and he was happy to share his experience with our team.

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A new extraordinary tradition

Our team has started a new extraordinary tradition: we ring the gong every time we get a new project! 

We chose the gong not because it means the beginning of the battle, but because every project is a new exciting journey for us. Why not celebrate it? 

We are open to the unexplored world, creative ideas, new people, that is why we are ready to start a new journey every single day. If you believe in yourself, in your team, you undertake an excellent project with great pleasure. Do your work with joy and confidence and you will be proud of yourself later.

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