Starting business from scratch means a lot of work in various directions. We offer the full scope of necessary IT services: marketing, design, development, testing, support, business analysis, CTO-as-a-service - all done by a single contractor.

What we do

  • 01. Startups
  • 02. Defining a viable product to invest into
  • 03. Implementing
  • 04. Aiming at your success
  • 05. Covering all bases


In a startup project constant changes, limited development time and higher demands to the quality and usability of the technological solution are the inevitable companions. Adapting the development strategy to the specific needs of a startup, providing expertise in the latest technologies and focusing on utmost quality, Technorely has contributed to the success of many of our startup clients.

Defining a viable product

There is no need to release the final product to check its profitability. Our product prototypes and landing pages will help you research the interest in your product and define the right development strategy.

Implementing changes

The development process by Technorely is flexible to changes, whether in the product environment or in your requirements and vision. We are used to be a step ahead and react quickly to necessary adjustments by planning possible changes, monitoring the market, regular status meetings and continuous delivery.

Aiming at your success

We are proactive and enthusiastic in choosing the best technology, optimizing features and reducing your costs when possible. We bring our expertise and experience to deliver the project according to your expectations and the current market demands so that your product will satisfy the user needs and boost profits.

Covering all bases

We are a one-stop spot for IT startups providing any service you may need during the whole project lifecycle, including (but not limited to):

  • Software development
  • CTO-as-a-Service
  • Marketing
  • UX/UI Design
  • QA
  • Brand Style
  • Presentation materials and many other services

As every project and every client is unique, together we can work out the optimal combination of services you need and lead your project to the successful release and further.